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The price.

Posted on October 21, 2014


Everywhere I see on social media are about lofty and overly positive ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ type nonsense.  If it were that easy to make a living with your passion, then everyone would be doing it.

Most don’t do what they love, for the same reason that we all don’t drive a Ferrari.  And thats simply because for some people, it costs too much to do so.


Here’s the price I paid to have the life I have right now:

  1. Spend a good portion of your 20’s in overdraft.
  2. Be unqualified for any job description for a salary of $40k+
  3. Unwilling to accept job description for a salary of $35k -
  4. Miss out on countless ‘boys nights’.
  5. Not knowing what a ‘cousin’ is.
  6. The disappointment and doubt from family as the silent ‘elephant in the room’.
  7. Claustrophobia.  The feeling of being stuck with nowhere to go, or improve.
  8. Loss of Family.  Most times success takes so long to actualize that by the time you do, your peoples have long left the room.

Thats about it.  The great thing is, I can’t think of anything past these 8.  I could easily make a list of ‘pros’ 100 long, but I won’t bore you.  If you want something, go friggin get it.  Fight for it.  Endure.  Kick down doors if necessary, and if anyone wants to walk out on you in the process, so be it.  The world is yours, so long as your willing to pay the cost.  Everything has it’s price.  It’s just that not all things cost money.

Timing, Motion

Posted on October 21, 2014


Understanding power, is also understanding it’s timing, and motion. Power is more than just ‘effort’. That’s given. ‘Power’ is an expression of strength–that means being ‘strong’ doesn’t necessitate strong moves, simply because they have to be expressed in the right way. Expressing ones power, means understanding the right a) time to do so and b) the correct motion to deliver. Bag work is a great way to understand this concept. Timing: Each weapon has it’s own speed. A punch is faster than a kick, a kick is slower than a punch (but more powerful). Try to get a sense of their difference when attacking the bag. Every time we practice we should grow our knowledge of ourselves a little more everyday. ‘Motion': Watch the motion of the bag. Match it with the motion of your technique. Time it, as they both meet head on. If the bag sways to the right, time it to crash into your R swing kick. If the bag sways towards you, time it to crash into your punch. Timing, and Motion. #wetalmboutpractice

F/W Drop

Posted on October 21, 2014

OK–I know I’m slow when it comes to retail.  Thai gear is just hella hard to deal with and I’d rather save myself the stress and focus on what I do best.

However, I got my hands on some stuff and wanted to jump on it for you, so here you go.  This is gonna be a quick hit, so finalize your orders at the front desk with me, complete your order and I’ll pick up over the weekend.



A martial view of people

Posted on October 14, 2014



Where else can street hustlers, law enforcement, corporate executives, students, LBGT, religious congregate without discriminating one another for their perceived beliefs?

The Martial Art world.

Martial art is a solid world.  It’s rooted in physics, not psyche.  It’s the one place where your opinion, preference, belief, colour, income has no merit.  You can either fight, or you can’t.  Your either weak, strong, or ‘in progress’.  Thats it.

I’m thankful, for experiencing this.  Every.  Damn.  Day.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope you smashed a turkey, and smashed the pumpkin pie.  Relax–because tomorrow we’ll work it off.  Together.

Fear of flying

Posted on September 30, 2014

‘Fear of flying': to be afraid of ascension.

Typically exhibited with speech that tends to justifies plateauing, or resisting added responsibilities and or risks.

If you, or anyone is beginning to exhibit such behavior, slap them immediately and tell them:

‘Is this all your capable of? If it’s not, shutup and go achieve. If so, then I’ll say goodbye so I can go achieve something’


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